When you make the decision to buy an automatic door opener, you’re making a smart investment that will have a long-term impact on your business. Consumers will reap the benefits of your decision, because WebDoor’s entrance automation products are made with them in mind. Plus, they are built to last. So that means you spend less time worrying about non-working doors and more time focusing on running your business.

Also, the right swing door opener can help your facility meet ADA compliance. Installing a handicap door opener shows how serious you are about making your place of business accessible for consumers of all abilities.

Automated doors just make sense. Here’s why many businesses choose them:

  • As a service to consumers. They typically expect automatic door openers in hotels and motels, shopping mall entrances, retail stores and other places of business. Providing an automated entrance lets consumers know you are in tune with their needs.
  • To make an impression. Automatic doors offer a modern, upscale feel and give your entryway an instant update.
  • Energy savings. An electric door opener can reduce annual heating and cooling costs.
  • As a convenience. Automatic doors eliminate the need to manually open heavy or double doors, especially for the disabled and for those carrying packages or rolling baby strollers.
  • ADA Compliance. Making your facility ADA compliant shows all consumers that they matter to you. For more information on ADA, click here.